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World Heart Day celebrations

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Families and communities are urged to encourage each other to develop heart-healthy habits for this year’s World Heart Day celebrations.

WITH 155 million overweight and obese children globally, studies have shown that parents can play a major role in helping children control weight and develop other healthy habits to reduce major risk factors for heart disease and stroke in later life.

Recognising parents’ influence not only in families but beyond into community groups, this year’s World Heart Day, 30 September 2007, is themed Team Up for Healthy Hearts.
World Heart Day, now in its eighth year, is run by the World Heart Federation’s member organisations in over 100 countries.

Heart disease and stroke is the world’s largest killer, claiming 17.5 million lives a year – 80% in low- and middle-income countries.

Heart disease and stroke is largely preventable if the main risk factors, including high blood pressure, high levels of cholesterol and blood glucose, tobacco use, inadequate intake of fruit and vegetables, overweight and obesity, and physical inactivity are reduced.

For further information visit:

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10 recommended post-workout snacks

Thursday, September 27, 2007

During weight training you use muscle glycogen stores to fuel the workout. Those stores must be replenished for optimal muscle recovery as well as muscle growth and repair, so you will need carbohydrates as well as protein. Foods with both that are also low in fat are the best for you.

Here are 10 great post-workout snacks:

  1. Skim milk (not only does it have protein and carbohydrates, it also has lots of water, which will help replace fluids lost from sweating)
  2. Yogurt
  3. Bagel with turkey breast slices (add desired veggies and mustard)
  4. Tuna salad (made with non-fat mayo) on whole-wheat bread
  5. Banana shake made with banana, orange juice and vanilla yogurt
  6. Jar of sports drink and a cup of non-fat cottage cheese
  7. Juice and a handful of dry-roasted soy nuts
  8. Low-fat or non-fat cheese and crackers
  9. Vegetable bean soup and a roll
  10. Dried fruit and low-fat cheese
All these snacks are easy to find in Tesco, Carrefore and Giant.. try it out and see!
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7 simple tips for your fitness

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Food is always the main concern in our efforts to lose unwanted pounds. We know that we should eat the right foods at the right time in the right amount in order to optimize the burning of the extra calories efficiently. Below are 7 quick tips on how to eat more and yet lose weight by Jessie McFarland who is a weight loss consultant at

1. Eat your breakfast - Breakfast is important so do not skip them. Your body has gone through 10 hours without food so it is time to give it some energy boost and jumpstart the day. Take 2 eggs, whole wheat bread with some peanut butter or high fiber cereals, yogurt, cocoa drink with some baby carrots will put you on the right start for the day.

2. Drink lots of water - Pure water is what you should drink and not any other sweetened juice or carbonated water. The body is made up of 70% water so are other important organs. Take at least 8 glasses of water over regular hours of the day. Water is known to aid in weight loss and it is essential to have lots of them.

3. Take an appetizer - Before lunch and dinner, have an appetizer as a starter. You can also easily make yourself an appetizer consisting of mixed salad with some light dressing. For a nice soup, go for the clear mixed vegetable soup or an onion soup. The idea is to help you to lose weight with the reduced calorie content of these foods you are taking. You may feel fuller by the time your main meal arrives.

4. Choose nutritious snacks - If you have to snack, choose some whole grains, nuts, seeds or low-fat yogurts. The grains and nuts are rich in essential fatty acids and provide you the energy boost. Avoid refined foods such as cookie, biscuits and confectioneries as are they are unhealthy junk food. Instead choose high fiber, low calorie and low sugar content food such as an apple and strawberries will keep you energized before the next meal.

5. Eat your vegetables - Incorporate vegetables in each and every meal. Your body needs the essential vitamins, minerals and fiber to protect you from chronic diseases. Vegetables are low calorie low-density foods and the key to weight loss is to eat them as a substitute to other higher calorie foods. Fresh vegetables are nature foods and are meant to be eaten in the way nature has intended. You can add flavor to the vegetables with some sauce or gravy if you wish.

6. Have fruits as desserts - Fresh whole fruits are the best and they are both filling and contain the essential nutrients to protect you from sickness. Dried fruits are less satisfying so you may end up eating more for the same calories found in fresh fruits. Choose fruits that are slightly ripened as they contain less fruit sugar.

7. Have regular meals - Having 6 meals a day may appear that you are eating more but you are in fact losing weight if you are choosing the right diets. Eating more regularly has the effect of keeping your metabolism rate running and burning calories at the same time. The other reason is also that, if you are having more meals, your food intake portion at each meal may also be reduced accordingly. Your food intake is limited by how hungry you are and not how much you should be eating at each meal.

This is an excellence and practical tips on dieting.. with those good food, remember to workout at least 30 minutes daily...for your fitness!!

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Tune up your workout

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Needs some new beats to spice up your workout? Check out these suggestions from trainers at the Denver Athletic Club and Fitness magazine:


Maroon 5 "Makes Me Wonder"

U2 "Beautiful Day"

KT Tunstall "Suddenly I See"

Coldplay "Yellow"


Justin Timberlake "SexyBack"

Fergie "Fergalicious"

50 Cent "In Da Club"

Beyoncé "Ring the Alarm"

Chris Brown "Run It"

Avril Lavigne "Girlfriend"

Nelly Furtado "Maneater"


The Fray "How to Save a Life"

Jack Johnson "Better Together"

Enya "Caribbean Blue"

Beatles "Eight Days a Week"

Cool right! Download from internet and load it on your MP3. Start workout with music today...

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3 simple way for your body to burn fat & calories on its own

Monday, September 24, 2007

How about if I tell you that you can guide your body to burn fat and calories on its own, what do you say? I found this article from Debby Rocker, the founder of Walk Vest. It is possible by carry out 3 simple methods:

1. Exercise in short, intense bursts (interval training) for effective fat burning after exercise.

2. Increase the amount of resistance/strength/weight training you do, to build more lean muscle. Muscle is ‘metabolically active’ and burns more calories than other body tissue even when you’re not moving.

3. Chill on the amount of food you are eating.

How does it works:

1. Our bodies are built to survive, so when you exercise for long periods of time (often and consistently) your body thinks it needs to hold on to fat for energy. Doing short (12-15 minute), intense exercise sessions builds strength and burns calories, but not fat, so it “feels safe” using fat stores for energy after exercise.

2. Resistance training (using extra weight) helps build lean muscle mass (and strong bones), and muscle burns more calories than fat.

3. If you are obsessing over things like trans fat and not eating a nutritious diet, your body will reserve energy (store fat) to survive.

Let be realistic..

1. Varying your exercise is the most effective and efficient way to stay lean and healthy. You must do some longer exercise to build cardiovascular endurance, burn lots of calories, and yes, even burn fat during exercise - your body will not click in to “save” mode unless you exercise for long periods of time, regularly and often.

2. You must do resistance training in order to build muscle and strong bones.

3. Nobody wants to exercise more - and we don’t want to train our bodies to need more exercise to stay fit. So exercise efficiently – two short, very intense (relative to your level of fitness) training sessions weekly, like a 15-minute fast run/walk or fast cycling sprint intervals, and two moderately long, moderately intense sessions (30-45 minutes) of strong walking, cycling, or yoga, with one long day (60-90 minutes) of a moderately paced walk/hike. That’s a great five-day/week training schedule.

4. Instead of adding more days to your workout schedule, add a weighted vest to your training. I have said this before, but this is the most efficient way that I know of to build muscle while burning calories.

5. Eat moderately - stop counting trans fat and calories and look at how much food is on your plate! And eat more nutritiously by eating foods that are natural and unprocessed.

Let's keep it real! I love her advise. We don't want to struck in the gym more than we have outside.. We need to socialize.. need to go to work.. need to be with our family.. What do you guys think?

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Get back in shape - you can do it!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

I know for certain most of people are not really happy with their shape especially those who have quit sports or exercise for few years. This is what happen to me. I quit sport few years ago after I got married. After sometimes, I started to realise that my waist is getting bigger and belly is now like a ballon.
Oh my god! What I have done to myself?
The last time I checked, my waist is now 36 and my weight is 80kg. I use to wear size 31 only and my weight is around 70kg. Several times I plan to start workout but I didn't commit. But after I read the finding in the newspaper, that was the turning point.
  1. Decide. It takes that moment where you can honestly say to yourself, "This is it, I want to make a change."
  2. Commit. Once you connect with the fact that you want to change, you have to commit to the process. You may miss a day of training here and there, or shove a stress donut in your mouth, but the only way for you to get back on track is to recommit. This won't be fun, so you'll have to dig deeper within yourself to create the change you want.
  3. Believe in yourself. Just know that you can do this with good eating and consistent exercise. Results are not just for members of a special club -- they can happen for everyone.
  4. Move. You're going to have to move your body at least 4 to 5 days a week, but not for hours and hours at a time. Just get moving, even if you start out with 15 to 30 minutes a day. As time goes on and you want to see more changes in your body, you'll have to move harder and longer.
  5. Eat right. Watch your portions, eat real food (not out of a bag, can, jar, or microwave), drink lots of water, go easy on the sugar, avoid fast food, and don't eat too much dairy, pasta, bread, white rice, red meat, foods made with flour, or foods with lots of chemicals and preservatives. Easy, right? I know it's tricky, but this is part is really key. What you put in your mouth affects your butt, brain, and mood.
  6. Decompress. Try to manage your stress and make sure you're getting enough sleep. And take a deep breath now and then -- aaaah.

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The food that fights, Amazing!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I found this interesting article. It was written by Joy Bauer, a registered dietitian and founder of Joy Bauer Nutrition. Here are her top five picks to help fight diabetes, cardiovascular disease, migraine headaches, and arthritis. To your health!


  1. Soybeans (combo of protein, high-quality carbs, and soluble fiber helps stabilize blood sugar levels)
  2. Wild salmon (provides protein, omega-3 fats, and vitamin D)
  3. Swiss chard (great low-glycemic carbohydrate, plus provides magnesium)
  4. Beans (slow-release carbohydrate with soluble fiber and magnesium)
  5. Almonds (great low-carb snack; also provides unsaturated fat, protein, and fiber)

Cardiovascular disease

  1. Wild salmon (thins the blood and lowers triglycerides)
  2. Bananas (rich in magnesium and potassium; helps manage blood pressure)
  3. Brussels sprouts (rich in soluble fiber, which lowers cholesterol)
  4. Oatmeal (rich in soluble fiber, which lowers cholesterol)
  5. Sunflower seeds (3 heart-healthy ingredients: soluble fiber, plant sterols, and folic acid)


  1. Omega 3 fortified eggs (provides omega-3 fats)
  2. Beans (provides magnesium)
  3. Skim milk (provides riboflavin)
  4. Ground flaxseeds (provides omega-3 fats and soluble fiber)
  5. Spinach (provides magnesium)


  1. Red bell pepper (rich in vitamin C and beta cryptoxanthin)
  2. Carrots (provides ample beta carotene)
  3. Berries (contains potent antioxidants called anthocyanins)
  4. Oranges (provides vitamin C and beta cryptoxanthin)
  5. Pumpkin (provides beta cryptoxanthin and beta carotene)
What do you think? Personally, I love it. It is simple and practical. I will definitely try her suggestion.
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Let's do it - Burn the calories

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I am a practical guy and love to do simple but effective solution. I know I want to reduce my weight. I know I need to workout. But, normally, we just don't have so much time. We are busy people living and working in Malaysia, which by the way among the highest working hours clocked in Asia. (Personally, I think it should not be the way)

So, in order to have time for workout, why not we do 2 in 1? What I mean is why not we do our daily shores and at the same time still enjoy the workout effect. Agree?

Ok, here are some daily home shores that burn 100-calories per exercise:

Everyday activities:
• Washing Dishes - 28 minutes
• Gardening - 20 minutes
• Light House Cleaning - 18 minutes
• Playing tag with kids - 22 minutes
• Exploring the Zoo for 30 minutes
• Window Shopping for 30 minutes

Planned Exercise:
• Walking 3.5 mph pace - 20 minutes
• Jumping Rope - 8 minutes

• 5 mph pace - 10 minutes
• 6 mph pace - 8 minutes

Practical right?

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Why do I need abs?

Monday, September 17, 2007

Having nice abs always being associated with bodybuilder, athletes or underwear models. Normal people like me i.e. working in office, shirt tuck-in etc do not really need abs. This is actually WRONG. We all need abs. Why?

You will live longer - With a smaller waist size that's associated with defined abdominals has been shown to be one of the strongest factors for avoiding health problems. Study after study shows that people with smaller waists have fewer incidences of heart disease, cancer, and numerous other diseases and conditions. The simple fact is that if you can drop inches off your waist, you'll add years to your life.

You will have a better sex life - A smaller belly means that you have less belly fat. Less belly fat means you most likely have better bloodflow through your arteries. Better bloodflow means that your sexual equipment will keep on functioning at peak levels. By the way, that's true for both men and women, as bloodflow is crucial for getting and maintaining erections, as well as for adequate lubrication for women.

You will stay away from injury - Evidence suggests that people with greater abdominal strength seem to have a body of armor that their counterparts don't have. A U.S. Army study showed that those with the most abdominal strength (as judged by number of sit-ups in a two-minute period) had the least incidences of injuries (compared to those who scored well in endurance and upper-body strength tests). The reason: A strong abdominal section helps you balance to avoid falls, it helps absorb shock when you do, and seems to offer a level of protection that knights would be proud of.

You will strength your back - One of the top reasons people visit doctors: Back pain. When you work on your core - that is, your abdominal muscles, plus all the muscles in the trunk, lower back, and hips - you'll give yourself the stability and structure to protect your back and avoid injuring it in the first place.

You will win - In virtually every sport, all of the power, speed, and strength that you generate during sports movement originates in you core. A strong core will get you from point A to point B faster, it'll help you hit the ball (or your opponent) harder, and it'll give you the foundation to win when the game's on the line. And isn't that what we're all after when it comes to our health - making sure you wind up on the winning end.

Research from - David Zinczenko is the editor-in-chief of Men's Health and the editorial director of Best Life. He is also author of the New York Times bestselling "Abs Diet" program.
Have I prove my point now? Let's workout the abs..

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Alarming Findings

A total of 3.08 million people aged between 25 and 64 suffer from high blood pressure. This is the finding of a study conducted last year by the Health Ministry on chronic diseases.

Half of them were Malays, which made up 1.56 million people; Chinese made up 635,000 and Indians 244,000. Men made up of 1.64 million while women made up 1.44 million. The study showed 1.33 million Malaysians were diabetic; 56% of them were Malays.

A total of 736,000 Malays, 227,000 Indians and 155,000 Chinese were diabetic. Women made up of 717,000 and men 608,000. About 20% of Malaysians were overweight. The percentage of people suffering from chronic diseases such as heart problems, diabetes and cancer were relatively high in Malaysia.

Courtesy of the Star

I think we should now look at our health seriously. Majority of the diseases are from what we eat. Most of tips that I read stressing on moderate intake. Take more vegetable and fruits. Drink more plain water. Try to avoid oily food. Use virgin oliver oil if you're cooking.

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Hello World!

Hi everyone! This is my second blog after WhyMustVisitMalaysia This blog is dedicated to my journey towards healthier life.

I joined Celebrity Fitness together with my wife about 2 months ago. Both of us had started to realise that we are getting fatter and fatter. Our health is deteriorating. We always feel tired although we have s good rest sleeping. Our belly is getting bigger and bigger. My wife condition is even critical. She had just gave birth to our son, Ameer Rayyan and since then, her weight does not reduced. In fact, it increases.

With this new motivation, we have constantly go to gym like 3 to 4 times a week, 30 minutes to 2 hours per session. Now, we are starting to see some improvement in our life. We are more energetic, less stressful and more stamina.

However, our belly and buttock are more the less the same. I didn't give up. I started to do more research on how to get the best body shape in the most effective manner. I read quite a number of website and blogs until I stumbled upon Kevin's blog. He is the qualified fitness instructor who once in charge of training the Akademi Fantasia students.

In this blog, I will share all the tips, knowledge, know how, all pitfalls, new ideas, local healthy diets etc that I gathered through my journey to healthier life. I will also share the result on my progress whether I'm on the right track. I hope this information would be benefit to you as my readers and probably will also lead you to a healthier life.

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