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3 simple way for your body to burn fat & calories on its own

Monday, September 24, 2007

How about if I tell you that you can guide your body to burn fat and calories on its own, what do you say? I found this article from Debby Rocker, the founder of Walk Vest. It is possible by carry out 3 simple methods:

1. Exercise in short, intense bursts (interval training) for effective fat burning after exercise.

2. Increase the amount of resistance/strength/weight training you do, to build more lean muscle. Muscle is ‘metabolically active’ and burns more calories than other body tissue even when you’re not moving.

3. Chill on the amount of food you are eating.

How does it works:

1. Our bodies are built to survive, so when you exercise for long periods of time (often and consistently) your body thinks it needs to hold on to fat for energy. Doing short (12-15 minute), intense exercise sessions builds strength and burns calories, but not fat, so it “feels safe” using fat stores for energy after exercise.

2. Resistance training (using extra weight) helps build lean muscle mass (and strong bones), and muscle burns more calories than fat.

3. If you are obsessing over things like trans fat and not eating a nutritious diet, your body will reserve energy (store fat) to survive.

Let be realistic..

1. Varying your exercise is the most effective and efficient way to stay lean and healthy. You must do some longer exercise to build cardiovascular endurance, burn lots of calories, and yes, even burn fat during exercise - your body will not click in to “save” mode unless you exercise for long periods of time, regularly and often.

2. You must do resistance training in order to build muscle and strong bones.

3. Nobody wants to exercise more - and we don’t want to train our bodies to need more exercise to stay fit. So exercise efficiently – two short, very intense (relative to your level of fitness) training sessions weekly, like a 15-minute fast run/walk or fast cycling sprint intervals, and two moderately long, moderately intense sessions (30-45 minutes) of strong walking, cycling, or yoga, with one long day (60-90 minutes) of a moderately paced walk/hike. That’s a great five-day/week training schedule.

4. Instead of adding more days to your workout schedule, add a weighted vest to your training. I have said this before, but this is the most efficient way that I know of to build muscle while burning calories.

5. Eat moderately - stop counting trans fat and calories and look at how much food is on your plate! And eat more nutritiously by eating foods that are natural and unprocessed.

Let's keep it real! I love her advise. We don't want to struck in the gym more than we have outside.. We need to socialize.. need to go to work.. need to be with our family.. What do you guys think?

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