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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

When I about to start workout, my biggest concern is how much do I need to spend? This is because I'm actually pretty tight on my monthly budget. I know that I need to exercise but how can I do that without incurring more cost like going to gym, buy exercise equipment etc?
So, I is I have done, simple, easy and no additional cost. How? Let me tell you:

1. Use stairs - I think you can find thousand tips about this. Why? Because it is simple, easy and effective. Research shows that climbing stairs (72 steps per minute) will burn an approximately 95 calories. I live in apartment, at level 5 and work in office at level 11. So, what I do is I don't use life anymore. I just use stairs to go to office and back. Then, I also take LRT, which I don't take the escalator, I use stairs.

2. Carry bag pack - remember the tip that I told previously about wearing weight vest. I am thinking why not just carry bag pack to and back from office. I just need to carry my notes, things that I need to use in the office in my bag pack. I even bring back my notebook now. The heavier the better.

3. Standing in the LRT - This is I called 'Shooting two birds with one stone' While you are helping others, you also workout your leg and hand, standing in the moving LRT with a bag pack.

4. Do seat up and push up - every day in the morning and before sleep, try to do push up and seat up. Start with 5 first and slowly increase them from day to day. You will feel the different within 1 week.

5. Buy your groceries at Giant or Tesco or Carrefore - Shopping and push trolley for one hour will burn 200 calories. By shopping in these big hypermarket, you can easy achieve 1 hour. I always take at least 1 hour to shop there.

6. Wash and wax your car - instead of sending to car wash, why not wash it on your own. You will actually satisfy with your washing, exercise and saving money. It will burn an approximately 300 calories.

There are many more our daily activities that can help us to exercise. Remember be creative in finding way to exercise. It has to be incorporated into our daily life. If you have other tip, why not share with us here... :-)

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