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Raya Day Diet - Don't overfeed yourself

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Hari Raya is two days away... hmmm! I'm already thinking about rendang, satay, lemang, etc.. Well, how to not overeat and still enjoy the Hari Raya?? These are the tips I found which are very useful... Your Raya Day Workout/Diet Spectacular:

  1. Wake up on Raya Day (if you’re cooking – get up early - no excuses) and go for an hour-long walk. Walk hard – give thanks while you walk for your strength, endurance, and commitment to NOT STUFFING YOURSELF this year!
  2. Do not “save up calories” by starving yourself until the lunch is served. Eat a modest breakfast, depending on what time lunch is.
  3. Do not pick at food while cooking or hanging around with the cooks.
  4. Stay very present – think about the meal (before you sit down and during) and approach eating it with a conscious awareness. In other words, don’t just start grabbing for food and eating. Look at what is on the table, realize there will be dessert later, too, and decide how many dishes you will eat and the quantity you will consume – smaller quantities for more dishes, obviously.
  5. Don’t be a pig. You won’t enjoy it nearly as much as if you choose wisely and eat responsibly. Maybe you don’t need all three of mom’s famous side dishes!?!
  6. After your meal – take another walk. Walk leisurely, giving thanks all the way that you didn’t overeat, you were actually able to enjoy the company, not just the food, and your evening hasn’t been ruined by guilt and indigestion.
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